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Humor & Satire

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"'Jeopardy!' National College Championship Goes Primetime." Best Colleges

"'Jeopardy!' Holds First-Ever College Professors Tournament." Best Colleges

The 14 Quirkiest College Traditions.” Best Colleges

It’s National Signing Day for Geeks.” Points in Case

What’s So Big About Three?Medium

Reminders of an Olympics Lost.” Medium

"Flying the Unfriendly Skies." True Humor

"The Bizarro Commencement Speech." Humor Writers

"Deli Hell." Humor Writers

"Swallowing the Pill." Defenestration

"I Flunked Out of Clown School." Salon

"Trumpeting a New Dean." Inside Higher Ed

"Why?" Inside Higher Ed

"Man Completes Quest to Earn Degree from Every Ivy." Inside Higher Ed

"Harvard's Billion-Dollar Question." Inside Higher Ed

"Cocktails With Charles Eliot." Inside Higher Ed 

"Snow Daze." Inside Higher Ed

"Andy Bernard's Cornell." Inside Higher Ed

"A Sense of Entitlement." Inside Higher Ed

"Test Your Fund Raising Ethics." Inside Higher Ed

"Gaglines." Inside Higher Ed

"March Madness." Inside Higher Ed

"Ranking Cars and Colleges." Pennsylvania Gazette

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